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By the Banks of the Tigris River My Soul Sat Down and Wept for the people of Cizîr?

Post Views: 79 “On 13 December 2015, the Turkish authorities renewed the curfew on Cizre city. The siege lasted until the 11 February 2016 and involved the use of heavy weapons, including tanks and artillery, in densely populated residential areas

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Ireland, 1916: Something To Commemorate?

If 1916 means anything to those of us who aspire and struggle for radical social change it has to be because in an environment with so little integrity the moments that appear and the individuals that are fortunate to embody them become like a light in the proverbial darkness

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The only prospect for stable government here is, unfortunately, a coalition of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, the two main right-wing parties since the foundation of the Irish state

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For The Kurdish People in Diyakabir and Beyond

Dear President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, for fuck’s sake, stop killing people in Northern Kurdistan

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 Ashraf Fayadh: Hell on Earth

There is much should concern us here as well as reminding us of the turbulent life of the Turkish communist poet Nazim Hikmet who spent most of his life either in prison or in exile

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The Ghost of Brecht

propelling us into a future to which our backs are turned, even as we are forced to witness, and make sense of, the catastrophe of the promises of that century we have now, truly, left behind…

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