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Boris Johnson set to become UK Prime Minister today

Boris Johnson has won a final Tory leadership runoff, defeating his opponent Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt with the support of more than two in three of the Conservative Party membership

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UK ELECTION 2017: ‘Fear trumps facts: why Theresa May is sticking with her migration cap’

Ahead of the British general election on June 8, the ruling Conservative party has renewed its commitment to “reduce and control” immigration to a net figure of under 100,000 – a level not seen for 20 years

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Britain: ‘For The Many, Not The Few’

‘For The Many, Not The Few’: Labour Manifesto Offers Blueprint for Global Left

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So you think this is about Europe?

Throughout Europe populist movements (not always savoury) have found support; all of this is a function of the capitulative failure of mainstream political parties

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