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Grace Gifford. On a day this week, the 13th December, 1955

the 13th December, 1955 in Dublin city, in Ireland, the Irish artist, nationalist and republican Grace Gifford died after a lifetime watching the failed struggle for an Irish Republic to be born

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Michel Martin could play a leadership role in the necessary process of making Irish unity a reality

during and after the general election the one thing that all Fianna Fáil spokespersons agreed on was their hostility to Sinn Féin emerging as the official opposition in the Dáil.

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On 9 April, eighteen years ago, the Good Friday Agreement was signed in Ireland. It took four years for the British and Irish governments, republican and nationalist parties and unionist parties (of the North of Ireland) to reach such an agreement

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Sir Bob and the f***ing martyrs

Some time back there was a fashionable notion called the Tipping Point. In the old days we’d have called it the straw that broke the camel’s back. Well, I’ve reached that point with Sir Bob Geldof

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Ireland, 1916: Something To Commemorate?

If 1916 means anything to those of us who aspire and struggle for radical social change it has to be because in an environment with so little integrity the moments that appear and the individuals that are fortunate to embody them become like a light in the proverbial darkness

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See you on the Falls Road on Sunday – Easter 1916 Centenary

In 1966 Nelson’s Pillar was blown up in O’Connell Street in Dublin. It was a hugely symbolic and largely popular act

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