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Yemen, A Devastated Country Where Impunity Has Become Endemic

The war in Yemen has been raging for six years, and no end is in sight. Impunity is endemic and Yemen is a devastated country. This statement was published in the Global Rights Report – State of the World’s Impunity 2020

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Sanciones de EEUU a la Corte Penal Internacional: reacción colectiva de 67 Estados 0

El pasado 11 de junio, Estados Unidos anunció oficialmente sanciones contra el personal de la Corte Penal Internacional

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Colombian activists deliver letter about killings of social leaders to the ICC

A group of around 20 Colombian activist collectives delivered a formal request to the International Criminal Court for it open a criminal investigation about the mass killings of social leaders in their country

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Palestine accession to Rome Statute and other international instruments 0

Last January 6th, United Nations Secretary General issued a note indicating that the Rome Statute, the treaty that establishes the International Criminal Court (ICC), will enter into force as to the State of Palestine on April 1st , 2015

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