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Resistance. For Ilhan Comak and all political prisoners in Turkey

İlhan Sami Çomak, who was born in 1973, was arrested as a young student in 1994. There is currently a campaign and increased publicity to try and get this poet released

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Another Soul on IceTurkey’s Ongoing Attack on ‘Freedom’

Ahmet Altan, 69 year old writer…is in cell in Silivri Prison, on the outskirts of Istanbul

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2017 Another BEATING for Press Freedom in Turkey

For the second year running CPJ, (the Committee to Protect Journalists) finds Turkey tops the list in its diligence in oppressing journalists and writers, only matched by China and Egypt

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Post Views: 106 [1] ON A DAY THIS WEEK IN JUNE 1963 On a day this week, the 3rd June, 1963, at 6.30am, the Turkish poet and communist Nazim Hikmet Ran died in Moscow after over a decade in exile

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