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Turkish Court Curtails Writer’s Travel

n the same month that a Turkish Court sentenced Zehra Doğan, artist and journalist, to almost 3 years in prison for a painting, an Istanbul court has reaffirmed the travel ban on writer Asli Erdoğan in the ongoing war against Freedom of Expression the Turkish State is currently engaged in

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Aslı Erdoğan… as of November 25th held for 98 days (along with 70 year old linguist, Necmiye Alpay, held now for 86 days) in Istanbul’s Bakırköy women’s prison in Istanbul

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Jailed Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan calls on Europe to stand up for its values

Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan has been in jail since August 19 for alleged links to Kurdish militants. She has written an urgent plea for European leaders to speak out against current developments in Turkey

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Ozgur Gundem closed, journalists detained

Twenty-four journalists were detained with charges of resisting arrest in the raid on the newspaper building following the court decision to close down Özgür Gündem

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