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SDF Serêkaniyê Commander: We will defend our people!

Post Views: 2 Baz Kerkûkî, one of the commanders of the SDF Serêkaniyê Front, said: “We have so far dealt heavy blows to the invaders.” The Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) began to respond to the occupation attacks launched by the Turkish

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PKK: Every house and street will be turned into a battlefield

Post Views: 9 The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) released a statement on the Turkish state’s military incursion into northern Syria that officially started on Wednesday. PKK noted that the invasion operation of the fascist colonialist Turkish

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Turkish invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria – Live Blog

Post Views: 10 12:01 Tahir: We’re not getting out of here! While the invading attacks of the Turkish state continued, Cuma Tahir who participated in the war in Sêrikaniyê spoke to ANF cameras.

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Amudê cinema massacre remembered at Kobanê Film Festival

On 13 November 1960, 283 children died in the fire of the Amudê cinema

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