PKK: Every house and street will be turned into a battlefield

PKK: Every house and street will be turned into a battlefield

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) released a statement on the Turkish state’s military incursion into northern Syria that officially started on Wednesday.

PKK noted that the invasion operation of the fascist colonialist Turkish Republic State against Rojava (West) Kurdistan began on the 21st anniversary of the 9 October International Conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

According to the PKK, the goal of the Turkish regime is to achieve what ISIS couldn’t in their aggression against Kobanê on 15 September 2014.

The PKK statement continued; “It is quite evident that the Turkish aggression aims for tearing down the Rojava Freedom Revolution, invading the North and East Syrian lands and eliminating the Democratic Autonomous administration, perpetrating a genocide against the Rojava Kurds as in Afrin, reducing the other peoples on these lands to slavery and splitting Syria on this basis. From this point of view, this attack is aimed at the Kurdish existence and freedom, the democratic unity and fraternity of peoples in Syria, the democracy of Turkey and the Middle East, and all humanity. It aims for reviving the ISIS mercenaries that were defeated by YPG, YPJ and SDF, and to threaten the whole world with these forces.”

PKK noted that the Turkish attacks began after the US President Trump’s announcement of the withdrawal of their troops from the border area on October 7 morning, and after the recent meeting held by the Russian and Iranian presidents with dictator Erdoğan in Ankara.

“The occupant and genocidal Turkish army forces are attacking the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac, Armenian, Turkmen and Circassian peoples living in North and East Syria with the weapons of NATO, with the weapons purchased from the US, Germany, Russia and China. These weapons are used in the aggression of massacre and invasion launched by Turkey against the peoples of North and East Syria on October 9. For this very reason, mainly the US and Russia, the UN and all the states that support Turkey are responsible for the invasion of North and East Syria and for any massacre and genocide to be perpetrated in this territory. With the support of all these forces, the Turkish state is perpetrating an explicit massacre against the Kurds in the 21st century. A crime against humanity is committed and others are made a partner in this.”

PKK pointed out that the peoples of North and East Syria and their defense forces YPG, YPJ and SDF, who managed to defeat the ISIS mercenaries, a plague to humanity, are now determined to defeat the AKP-MHP fascism. PKK saluted the peoples and revolutionaries of Rojava and North-East Syria, adding; “We want them to believe wholeheartedly that the ultimate victory will definitively be theirs as they are right, giving the most righteous struggle of history, represent rights and justice, want to lead a free, equal and democratic life in their lands and give no harm to the land and life of anyone.”

The statement continued; “On the other hand, the Erdoğan-Bahçeli fascism with the most unjust and unfair stand in its history, wants to expel the people from their ancestral lands and to settle ISIS and al-Nusra mercenaries in their place. It tries to build its own existence and survival on the annihilation of others, which makes it the most tyrant and cruelest force in history.”

PKK emphasised that: “A fight for survival has begun between the most tyrant and most righteous forces in history. The Kurds in Rojava, the peoples of North-East Syria and our people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad should know that history has once again entrusted us the task of representing honor, humanity and freedom. Despite the fact that it will be extremely challenging and a have a heavy cost, it is our obligation to accomplish this historic and honorable mission, which we will undertake in the spirit of Agit and Zilan, following the path of Leader Apo (Öcalan) and the martyrs, just like how we did in the past by sacrificing tens of thousands of martyrs. We cannot abstain from this. To us, it is the only way to exist and live freely as a people. We shall not forget that only resistance will lead to victory.”

The statement continued; “On this basis, we believe that the Kurdish, Arab and all other peoples and defense forces of North-East Syria will undertake the defense of free humanity basing on the Democratic Autonomous Administration’s call for mobilization; that any man and woman who can take up arms will turn every house into a headquarter and every street into a battlefield to mount a glorious resistance against the barbarian AKP-MHP fascists and to bury the colonialist-genocidal Turkish Republic mindset politics in the lands of Rojava.”

PKK called on all the commanders and fighters of guerrilla forces HPG and YJA-Star to intensify their actions against the fascist Turkish army in all areas of North Kurdistan (the Kurdish region in Turkey).

PKK urged the Kurdish people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, women and youth in the first place, to unite around the Rojava Resistance and enhance their actions against Turkish invasion everywhere.

PKK also called on the Kurdish youth to join the battle of honor in a spirit of mobilization; while calling for all the parties and organisations in four parts of Kurdistan to act in national-democratic unity in such a historic process.

PKK said they believed the Arab community would oppose Turkish invasion of northern Syria, and called upon the revolutionary-democratic forces and all peoples of Syria and Turkey, as well as all women and youth organizations and all humanity, to unite in a global resistance with the peoples of North-East Syria who are resisting Turkish invasion and genocide.

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