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Yazidi women speak at ISIS conference in Rojava

Heza Shengal went to Raqqa to fight and she joined the YJŞ. “For the Yazidi women the YJŞ became a great hope. It was the voice and answer of all Yazidi women who were bought and sold and subjected to persecution”

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Turquia bombardea el campo de refugiados kurdos de Maxmur, en el  Norte de Iraq

El jueves a las 21 horas de Iraq, aviones de guerra turcos bombardearon el campo de Maxmur, en el Kurdistan Iraqi, a unos 300 kilometros de la frontera de Turquia

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Afrin: The long list of Turkish crimes 0

A detailed report listed all crimes against humanity carried out in Afrin by Turkish state and its mercenary allies

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As for Afrin. While the world continues to sleep. It is surely time now to weep for its people? Before day breaks and the alarm goes off and its back to the front lines.

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We are now well over three weeks into the Turkish military assault on Afrin – “home to the last of the untouched Yazidi communities (some 25,000 people)…also…home to many of the internally displaced refugees in Syria

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