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Yemen, A Devastated Country Where Impunity Has Become Endemic

The war in Yemen has been raging for six years, and no end is in sight. Impunity is endemic and Yemen is a devastated country. This statement was published in the Global Rights Report – State of the World’s Impunity 2020

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Arab Spring 2.0? You ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Almost a decade after the launch of the so-called “Arab Spring”, one of the most troubled regions in the entire world remains threatened by the prospects of facing a new wave of protests, demanding regime change

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Time to “Stop the War on Children”

World leaders talk. Children (and civilians) die. What’s new?

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Post Views: 34 Presentamos aqui una parte del trabajo del CIDOB sobre Yemen, Quién es quién en el conflicto de Yemen. CIDOB es una comunidad dinámica de analistas que trabaja para elaborar y ofrecer a todos los actores políticos, desde

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