Bomb in Istanbul: 1 dead, 32 wounded


An explosion has been reported in Taksim Square around 10.35 yesterday morning. There were no details as to what caused the explosion but first reports said it was an attack on policemen stationing in the main Istanbul square. Other reports talk about some injured officers. Apparently the explosion was caused by a suicide bomb attack. On the floor one body, thought to be that of the suicide bomber, lies apparently without life. The number of wounded people rose to 32.
Taksim Square has been closed to traffic and civilians, while security measures have been doubled in the area.
In a press statement concerning the event, ?stanbul Chief Police Hüseyin Çapk?n stated that 9 of the wounded are civilians and 6 are policemen.  Two injured are reported to be seriously wounded. As number of wounded rose to 22, the civilians are thought to be 17.
According to police sources other devices have been found next to the body of the man believed to be the suicide bomber.
So far no organization has claimed responsibility for the attack.
This is the third attack targeting police units in Taksim Square in the past 11 years. Previous attacks were carried on 27 March 1999 and 10 September 2001.

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