Export initiative in sight of Turkish defense industry sector

Otokar is one of the pioneers of the Turkish defense industry. The SSM has determined new strategies to improve the export capabilities of the defense industry.
The Undersecretariat for the Defense Industry (SSM) has determined new strategies and steps to be taken to improve the export capabilities of the Turkish defense industry.
As part of the new strategy, the SSM aims to integrate the defense industry sector into international markets and has prepared an export strategy.
This strategy intends to give the Turkish defense industry sector a role in more international projects and raises its stake in ongoing projects.
Shortcomings faced by companies operating in the defense industry sector are also addressed by the strategy, prepared by the SSM. It has been pointed out that these companies do not have an export desk or an efficiently organized structure, deficiencies considered to be the main cause of their limited exports.
Another problem outlined by the strategy is that most of the companies operating in the defense industry sector implement limited research on foreign countries with export potential. Difficulties in accessing information on international auctions, limited opportunities for advertising and difficulties in contacting foreign companies are also problems faced by Turkish companies operating in the defense industry sector, as outlined by the SSM strategy.
Furthermore, policies implemented by foreign countries also have a negative impact on Turkish companies’ ability to export their products or services.
According to this strategy, a state-subsidized loan mechanism will be created in order to improve exports. Companies operating in the defense industry sector will be supported by loans with lower interest rates to encourage them to participate in international projects and international consortiums. Moreover, the SSM will prepare a list that shows countries and products considered to be priorities. This list will be updated every two years. An intensive marketing campaign will target foreign countries to increase awareness of the Turkish defense industry sector. In this context, the SSM will cooperate with the Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade and update next year’s list of foreign companies invited to export fairs.
The SSM will also begin preparations for the construction of fairgrounds near ?stanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport within the context of the strategy, while branding and motto studies will be initiated in order to increase awareness of the Turkish defense industry sector. Delegations from foreign countries with priority will be invited at least once a month to Turkey to see and learn about products available from the Turkish defense industry.
Furthermore, the strategy calls on the SSM to establish the Defense Industry Exporters Association. Representative offices will be established in the US, Belgium and other countries with priority in order to track Turkey’s exports, and much importance will be attached to cooperation with the Presidency, the Prime Ministry, the Export Promotion Center (?GEME), the American-Turkish Council, the Arab League and other national and international associations.

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