BDP Congress begun in Ankara


Peace and Democratic Autonomy are the main topics of Congress
The 2nd Congress of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), described as the Congress of Democratic Autonomy, has begun at the Ahmet Taner K??lal? Sports Hall in Ankara.
This will be an important congress where decisions will be taken as regard to both the Democratic Autonomy project and the idea of a Party-Congress to embrace many civil society organizations.
The congress has begun inevitably speaking about war once again. Indeed Iran has started a new operation and news are coming through of new casualties among civilians.
Turkey is on the war foot as well, although it never really halted its military operations. Deaths and injured are on the political agenda, but not the government’s one.
It appears clear that Iran and Turkey has agreed on a common action against the Kurdish guerrilla movement. And this operation has been approved (if not, at least not yet, actively supported) by the Kurdistan Regional Government. And of course to be able to launch such operations Turkey (and Iran) must have got approval from the United States.
The Congress will once more send peace and democracy messages to counter the language of war and violence used by the state.
The slogan of this congress is “We greet the Democratic Autonomy and the Democratic Republic”.
The Congress, dedicated to the murdered Van Provincial Councillor Ayhan Y?ld?r?m, will also remember Kurdish politicians such as Hüsnü Ablay, Cihan Deniz, Mazlum Do?an and Sema Yüce who are the symbol names of the Kurdish struggle.
The speeches will make a call for democracy and point out that the government’s recent searches for a “security-oriented solution” will remain inconclusive. Speeches and discussions during the congress are also expected to clarify the BDP’s stance towards the Parliament in the coming period.
1174 delegates attending the congress will elect 80 permanent and 40 substitute members to the party council. It is expected that Selahattin Demirta? and Gültan K??anak will be elected as Co-Chairs of the congress. On the other hand, it is believed that numerous political parties, NGO representatives, individuals, foreign delegations will be attending the meeting.

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