Roboski families will go to Ankara on 27 November


Families of Roboski victims will hold talks with the President in Ankara
The two-day ordinary general meeting of the Human Rights Association (IHD) has started in Ankara on Saturday.

Speaking at the meeting, Peace and Democracy Party former deputy Ak?n Birdal said that families of Roboski victims will hold talks in Ankara on 27 November with the President, Parliamentary Speaker and authorities of political parties in the parliament to repeat their demand for justice.

Referring to unidentified murders in Turkey, Birdal said that; “The people in Roboski have never laughed since the massacre, they have held no weddings, no celebrations and no feasts. They have appealed to all authorities for the detection of perpetrators who are actually known but not brought into the open. The perpetrators did neither apologize nor were taken to court for the crime they committed”.

Birdal noted that Roboski families haven’t received an answer to their application for the visit to Ankara.
Speaking after, BDP Party Council Member Ferhat Encü who lost his 11 relatives in the massacre and is tried without arrest called attention to the reports by human rights organizations admitting that a great right violation occurred in the village of Roboski. “In the face of our persistent efforts to reveal those responsible for the massacre, we have faced threats, detentions and arrests. However, we have never given up striving for justice as each threat made us stronger and more united. It is not only Roboski that we ask justice for, we have been giving this struggle to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen somewhere else. I extend my thanks to all political parties and NGOs such as IHD and MAZLUMDER for standing by us and supporting us in our fight. I hope Turkey and the Middle East will not suffer from injustice and violations of rights any more”, said Encü who will be attending the Kurdish Conference at the European Parliament next week.

On the other hand, ??rnak Bar Association Chairman Nu?irevan Elçi said in an interview to ANF that the legal process on Roboski Massacre isn’t recording a progress.

Elçi pointed out that lawyers aren’t allowed to receive information on the progress of the case because of the warrant of confidentiality on the investigation. Elçi noted that the Turkish state is trying to cover up the massacre by not conducting a proper legal process on the incident for the last one year.

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