K??anak: Last piece of the plot, Imral?

ANF – Diyarbak?r/Amed

BDP Co-president and Amed co-mayoral candidate Gültan K??anak has spoken to ANF regarding the international conspiracy of 15 February.

As the Kurds again take to the streets in protest on the 15th anniversary of the plot against Abdullah Öcalan, calling for his freedom, Gültan K??anak said that 15 February was not just a political issue, but also a social one, as it concerned the fundamental rights and freedoms of a people. K??anak continued: “Mr Öcalan is a leader struggling and showing a path for the Kurdish people to gain their most basic rights. This is why 15 February, the day Mr Öcalan was captured, concerns the destiny of a people. The last piece of the plot is ?mral? prison. This too needs to be ended.”

There can be no politics in the Middle East without Öcalan!

K??anak continued: “Those behind this conspiracy had great hopes and plans, but both Mr Öcalan’s stance and the determined struggle of the Kurdish people have frustrated these aspirations. In practice, apart from the fact that Mr Öcalan is between four walls this plot has been rendered meaningless. That is why every year we launch a ‘Freedom for the Leader’ campaign on 15 February. His incarceration must end. Due to the power of the struggle being waged a world leader is determining the global political agenda from prison.”
K??anak added: “In the Middle East it has become impossible to carry out politics without paying attention to the understanding of Mr Öcalan. Turkey is one of these countries.”

K??anak said that the Kurdish people, young and old, would protest this historic conspiracy on 15 February and demand the freedom of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

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