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La guerra olvidada del pueblo Saharaui: Entrevista con Kristina Berasain

Kristina Berasain Tristan, periodista vasca especializada en conflictos olvidados y derechos humanos, ha sido durante años responsable de la sección internacional del periódico Berria.

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Foza Yûsif: ENKS imposes unacceptable demands

Post Views: 61 PYD Co-Presidency Council member Foza Yûsif said that there is a deadlock in the talks on unity in Rojava, and added that the ENKS “violated the red lines” and “imposed unacceptable demands” by standing with the murderers

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Families of Er and Dağ appeal to international community

Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ were sentenced to death on 11 February 2020 by the Second Hall of the Erbil Criminal Court in the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan – governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The sentence was confirmed by the Court of Appeal on 22 September 2020.

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The book by YPJ commander Meryem Kobanê: A dream destroying borders

The first volume of the book of Meryem Kobanê, one of the commanders of the historical Kobanê war and victory, about those days, “Kobanê: Çepera Rûmetê” was published by Şilêr Publications.

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