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Shocking new evidence in British supplies to Turkish killer drones 0

Post Views: 9 Shocking new evidence reveals a six-year secret history of British supplied technology that has fuelled Turkey’s dirty drone wars.

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Stormont to determine fate of Brexit and Westminster 

An amendment has been made to legislation at Westminster which prevents a crash Brexit coming about by the suspension of the London parliament unless Stormont is restored

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Standing up for Ireland in the EU

Earlier this year an opinion poll found that 44 per cent of people in Britain were proud of its history of colonialism while only 21 per cent regretted that it happened

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Potential for building a new Ireland

THE result of the recent EU referendum presents serious challenges for Ireland, north and south and for relations between Ireland and Britain

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Irish Unity is better for all

There has never been a poll in the 26-counties where a clear majority have not expressed their desire for reunification

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Border poll if Britain quits EU – McGuinness

Sinn Fein and North of Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said the Six Counties on the reunification of Ireland if Britain decides to leave the EU

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