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The new Colombia: a difficult birth

If things continue this way amnesty and JEP could be brought to the ground, legal security for ex-guerrillas would disappear

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Son of FARC-EP commander and his friend murdered

Young Yonnier Sujeimer Rosero was assassinated together with his friend, Pablo Erazo, by an armed subject who broke into the cockpit where the young people were talking

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When students meet guerrillas

In the village of Buenavista, in Mesetas, Meta, is located the Transitional Zone Mariana Páez of the FARC-EP.
546 guerrillas live there, in rustic huts of wood and plastic

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Open Letter to World Women, from Colombian Women

Post Views: 45 The guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP), meeting in the Temporary Zone of La Elvira, Cauca, with great satisfaction, report to have successfully completed the first national gender workshop held throughout our organization’s history.

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