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Fresh concerns raised over DUP’s secret Brexit donation

Caroline Lucas MP calls on UK watchdog to ‘re-open investigation’, after new evidence suggests ‘deeply irresponsible’ initial inquiry

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NORTHERN IRELAND: Conservatives Vote to protect Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)’s “dirty little (Brexit) secret”

Efforts to backdate the new transparency rules on political party donations in Northern Ireland failed on Thursday 7th March

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Stormont talks end in failure: Tory/DUP pact blamed

Post Views: 4 The collapse of talks to revive power-sharing has been described by Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill as a “monumental failure” by British Prime Minister Theresa May who she said had “set back decades of work” in the peace process.

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Sinn Fein increases votes in North of Ireland elections

Post Views: 5 Thursday’s election has significantly altered the make-up of politics in the north of Ireland as a more focussed and energised Sinn Fein enticed republican voters back to the polls and historically ended the unionist  majority at Stormont.

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Elections in the North of Ireland

Post Views: 5 On Thursday 2 March people in the North of Ireland will go to the poll to elect the North of Ireland Assembly. After Sinn Fein Martin McGuinness announced he would not be contesting the elections, the republican

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Stand up with Martin

The actions of the DUP have been outrageous

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