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Post Views: 7 20:10 Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor), Syrian Red Crescent and International Red Cross have finally managed to enter the city of Serekaniye on Saturday to deliver medical supplies and retrieve the seriously wounded individuals from the hospital. While

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Interview with Teresa Almeida Cravo, judge of People’s Tribunal

Ms Teresa Almeida Cravo was one of the judges at the Permanent People’s Tribunal Session on Turkey and the Kurds held in Paris March 16-17

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“NO MORE WEAPONS” for Kurds: Erdoğan says Trump agrees…

the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu issued a statement regarding the ending of arms shipments to the Kurdish YPG and their SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) allies in the fight against the Islamic fundamentalists

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Turkish state wants Kurds to make war not do politics

Thousands of youths are joining the guerrilla in the mountains, saying ‘Turkish state has left us no choice other than armed struggle’

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The Boundaries of Prohibitions and the Borderless Language   

The ban on the official use of the Kurdish language as well as on its use in areas of education, knowledge and intelligence has made us feel that ourselves, our existence and our being human are prohibited

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A balance of where Kurds, Basques and Irish are, 5 years after the Venice International Peace Conference

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