Önder and Kürkçü: War kills the truth


In a passionate statement the two Block deputies call for action to stop the war, as “fear does not bring peace”
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputies S?rr? Süreyya Önder and Ertu?rul Kürkçü have made a joint press statement about the most recent political situation and developments lived as the war has grown violent.
“War kills the truth in the first instance”: thus began the statement of Önder and Kürkçü. And the truth killed now, continues the statement, “is primarily the historic “Kurdish” issue which could be handled on a peaceful ground if all fundamental rights that have been extorted were to be returned”.
Millions of Kurds, says the statement, “were deprived of their dignity and their identities despotically and subjected to other languages other than their mother tongue. The Kurd reality, which we could only comprehend through the objection to this cruelty and the change of their demands for freedom to a rebellion, has been the first victim of the war today. The “Kurdish issue” which can at any time brought to a peaceful solution doesn’t exist anymore according to the government’s declaration”.

Was this close possibility in fact a mirage?, asked the two deputies. And again, “Were we and those of the same opinion with us seeing a dream?

Or, is a curtain being drawn between a true possibility and us?”

Önder and Kürkçü say that “the opportunity of the Turkish and Kurdish peoples’ brotherhood is being concealed with the dream of “being the regional power”. The freedom hope of our peoples is being put on sale. We don’t want to listen to new mobilization songs all of which contain pain and tear because we know from the history very well that the war drums didn’t bring anything in this country except for disaster.”

The truth is difficult to be covered up when it is so apparent, said Önder and Kürkçü.

“The bodies of all Turkish and Kurdish brothers, friends, neighbours and work friends of us are used as a bloody cover spread over this trouble truth.

This phenomenon corresponds to violence in all languages and it is quite distant from our consciences. We have always objected and we will keep objecting to violence. We have no humanitarian lessons to take from those who side with war despite the clear reality that “even the worst peace is better than the best war”.

The highly passionate statement continues by saying that “fear doesn’t bring peace… It is nonsense to expect the responsibility of “peace” from those who have frankly preferred war. The responsibility of “peace” is shouldered by those who give a fight for freedom, democracy and the rights of peoples. The fear has neither managed to resign Kurds, nor will it be useless to direct Turks to show respect to the rights of the Kurdish people.”

But, say Önder and Kürkçü “this is another truth killed by the war. The fight for a democratic solution should be raised on all grounds but the “state of war” needs to be ended more urgently.”

The statement ends with a call on everyone “to raise their voice against the war which is currently at the edge of turning into an increasing social disaster. Weapons should be silenced, operations should be ended and negotiations should be started at once. We want to learn the happenings from the responsible, not from the sound recordings all over the lot. With the mandate we received from people, we will raise the voice of peace, freedom and cooperation on all grounds including the parliament.

Knowing that choosing peace will cost as heavy as making war, we are ready to do all we can, whatever it may cost, to stop the people live the grief of losing a child.”

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