Protocol of solution presented at BDP congress


Protocol presented by Siirt MP K??anak asked recognition of the multi-identity reality in the new Constitution
BDP Siirt MP Gülten K??anak has submitted a protocol of solution offers at the Congress of the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) which is on in Ankara. The protocol demanded the recognition of the multi-identity reality in the new Constitution and advancement towards a decentralized government on the basis of the autonomy law and within the framework of the definition of a democratic nation.
K??anak said; “Instead of a nation structure with a single language and a single ethnicity which underlie the Republic, the new Constitution needs to have a new definition for a new nation, the democratic nation in other words, which is composed of different identities living together. It needs to be based on the sense of a common land and the principles of new Democratic Republic.”
Some proposals from the protocol of solution offers are as follows;

– The constitution should openly express the constitutional assurance of all identities, cultures, languages and beliefs living in Turkey.

– Mother tongue education should be recognized as a constitutional right.

– There should be an advance to a decentralized government system which narrows the state and widens the civilian area and freedoms, ends all kinds of tutelage and enables an entire realization of the popular sovereignty.

– In this context, the authority of autonomy – to be recognized at a regional level- and the regional provincial and municipal councils should be expanded in a central proportion.

– The election threshold should be abolished and a new elections law should be enacted with a new law on political parties.

– The Turkish Criminal Law should be re-enacted and the Anti-Terror Law should be removed.

K??anak also demanded the release of imprisoned Kurdish politicians and the return of Hatip Dicle’s mandate and expressed that the democratic constitutional commission should include NGOs, social circles and representatives of the block as well.

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