Preparation underway for “Long March”


KON-KURD members, Kurdish people from Europe as well as Kurdish artists are getting ready for march starting on 31 January in Geneve
Preparation are underway for the “long march” which will take Kurds in Europe from Geneve to Strasbourg to ask for their rights and freedom for Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.
People, members of KON-KURD (the Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe), artists are all getting ready to walk the long way between the two cities.
KOM-KURD is organizing the march. “By beginning our march on 31st January – say the organizers – from the United Nation office in Geneva, we express our demand for freedom for which we have paid enormous sacrifices but have never abandoned and demand the UN to fulfill their responsibility towards the Kurdish people and recognise them as a people”.
The march is expected to reach Strasbourg on the 18 of February. “In Strasbourg – say the organizers – we will highlight the living conditions of the Kurdish Leader Mr Abdullah Ocalan, who is critical to the solution of the Kurdish question, and emphasise the fact that the freedom of the Kurdish people is aslo dependent on the freedom of Mr Ocalan and call upon the EC and CPT to fulfill their duties”.

The Kurds call on the “international powers such as the UN, European Union, NATO, US and Russia to use their relationships and influence on the states that occupy Kurdistan and initiate the dialogues in order to secure a status for the Kurdish people and maintain their national existence and rights in every part at national and international levels for the purpose of ensuring the culmination of the question in a permanent solution.

We call upon the institutions and individuals, who uphold the universal values of democracy, freedom, justice, peace, and human rights to participate in our march and to send messages of support. We call upon the press and public to demonstrate their sensitivity, support and solidarity”.

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