Turkey is turning into an open prison

AKP prison record, nine years on: 127 thousand 831 prisoners in 2011
While the AKP government is jailing all opponent sectors of society and Kurds in particular, Turkey has almost been turned into an open prison within the process of the AKP government in the last ten years. The number of prisoners and detained people, which was 59 thousand 428 in 2002, the year when AKP first came to the power, this number increased by 114 percent in nine years and rose to 127 thousand 831 in the year of 2011.
According to the data by the National Judiciary Network Project 2011, a total of 127 thousand 831 people are held in 418 prisons in Turkey. Among these people, 36 thousand 462 are prisoners on remand, 17 thousand 950 are jailed without definite conviction and 73 thousand 419 are convicted.
Among 34 thousand 430 prisoners on remand in Turkey’s prisons, 32 thousand 807 are made up of men aged above 18, 1474 of women aged above 18 and 1623 of children between the ages of 12-17.

While 17 thousand 950 are jailed without definite conviction, among them 17 thousand 298 are made up of men and the rest made up of women.

Of 125 thousand 820 jailed people in Turkish prisons, seven thousand 582 are at the age range of 18-20, consisting of 213 women and seven thousand 369 men. 81 thousand 672 are at the age range of 21-39, while 1,529  are at the age range of 65-79.

Among the prisoners in 418 prisons, 78 are at the age of above 80. Apart from this figure, the ages of eight women, 50 men and 58 other prisoners aren’t known.

There are some discrepancies in the figures provided by the ministery of Justice. Here they are (Referred to 417 prisons):

Total of prisoners: 127831

Prisoners on remand: 36462

Prisoners without definitive convictio: 17950

Convicted prisoners: 73419

Men: 120984

Women: 4530

Children: 2317


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