Hiding the truth does not serve peace

The Turkish establishment is trying to hide the truth of what happened in Hakkari and  Çukurca on Sunday. Just like it has been doing for the past two weeks, hiding the truth of what is going on in Semdinli (by preventing media and even a CHP deputies delegation to reach the clash area) the Turkish government and military are denying the truth preferring to hide behind a wall of lies. But lies, no matter how thick the wall, sooner or later will be uncovered.?The truth is that negotiation and dialogue are today more than ever an imperative. The Kurdish guerrillas cannot be defeated militarily, this the Turkish army knows very well and it is why it embarrassingly tries to cover up its losses. But the point here is not how many soldiers died (100 or 6), and it is not how many guerrillas died: war claims lives.?The point is, like BDP co-chair Selahattin Demirta? pointed out once more today, that this is a government that seems to have chosen war instead of peace. This is a government which appeared to have chosen not to save lives,  not to act to avoid more casualties. ?There is still time to revert this situation, claimed Demirta?. But time is running out for the AKP. Up until now the AKP government and its leader, PM Erdogan leading, have tried in every possible way to eliminate, physically also, the party of peace. Peace shouted and continue to shout millions of people on the street of Diyarbakir and many other cities. They were met with violence, repression, death, prison, more violence. Still they are still shouting they want peace. ?Demirta? said poignantly that “the AKP and the military are feeding nationalism feelings with a literature of martyrdom”. They are in fact destroying the life of people in either camps, those who want peace are killed and those who are forced into war are also killed. ?So the time for negotiation and dialogue is now. The BDP will continue to incessantly repeat this. Because the BDP is a party of peace. ?The AKP government is still pending towards war. And sooner rather than later it will have to answer to people for its decision.

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