Leyla Zana MP on hunger strike


Diyarbak?r independent deputy joined hunger strike in her office at Parliament
Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-chair Ahmet Türk held a press conference on Wednesday to announce that Diyarbak?r independent deputy Leyla Zana has started indefinite-irreversible hunger strike at her office in the Parliament in Ankara.

At the press conference which was also attended by Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputies ?brahim Bilici and Altan Tan, DTK co-chair Ahmet Türk said that Zana has started her action in her office to give a message to the public with an aim to pave the way for a dialogue environment. Türk noted that they respected Zana’s determination to take part in the protest despite the health problems she is facing at present.
In response to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s insults and threats against the Kurdish hunger strike, Türk said that; “Except for the main demands highlighted, the hunger strike also demands the elimination of the severe violence in the country and the formation of an environment for democratic politics and a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem”.

However, he added, the language used in political area provokes the protest instead of intending to give an end to it or contributing to a solution. The provocative manner of the Prime Minister in particular makes us give up our hope every passing day.

Türk ended underlining that “the Kurdish people will never hesitate to pay any price for voicing their democratic demands and asking for the fulfillment of these demands, as they have done so far”.


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