Önder could be a candidate at next elections

Speaking at the opening of the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) office in Istanbul’s Sancaktepe district, BDP Istanbul deputy S?rr? Süreyya Önder said that struggle of Kurds will continue with the HDP (People’s Democratic Party).
Önder congratulated the HDK for having unified over 40 organizations and underlined that the candidates of the party will be nominated together with the people, on contrary to other parties whose candidates – he said – are determined following a top-down decision process.

Remarking that the ruling government and the main opposition party nominated candidates who have no relations and connections with the cities they run in, Önder stressed that they on the other hand regarded mayors as persons managing the coordination in cities. “It is the people that must take place in the management”, he underlined and added that this truth has also been revealed by the Gezi resistance in the country.

BDP deputy noted that the candidates of the HDP will be nominated at the party congress which will take place in capital Ankara on 27 October.

Önder said he himself might also stand as a candidate in the coming elections, adding that some parties have already asked the BDP not to get ahead of them in the elections. “These people think we stand candidate as individuals. We run with our history and will. This is why it is not important who will be nominated in our party”, he added.

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