Racist Attack On HDP Election Tour In Edirne


The HDP committee was in Ke?an as part of an election tour of Thrace. HDP co-president Sebahat Tuncel spoke at the ceremony, saying “as the HDP we will believe that democracy starts at the local level.” Tuncel went on to stress how such democracy would enable different communities to live together, saying “worker, the poor, and those of different identities are disregarded by the AKP. As the HDP we are inviting [everyone] to live together.”

Tuncel also drew attention the state of flooding in Edirne as rain was still falling, saying “the fact that municipalities in Edirne are no proceeding with an ecological understanding is creating a serious danger for Edirne. They are dumping poison into the Ergene river. The people are under threat. We the HDP do not only defend peoples, we also defend ecology.” Tuncel concluded by stressing the support of the HDP for the right of the city, and peace, and promised the overthrow the broken order.

As Tuncel spoke a racist group attempted to provoke the crowd by unfurling Turkish flags. The attack on the election bus took place as it was leaving the city after the ceremony.

* Translation by The Rojava Report

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