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YPG on Kobane victory: We will continue to do everything to defend our people and our revolution

Post Views: 117 YPG vowed that they would keep up the struggle against all forms of attacks with determination and with the great spirit of resistance of Kobane and would continue to do “everything in our power to defend our

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KURDISH, Armenian, and Christian groups have warned that legislation signed as one of the last acts of the outgoing Trump administration gives Turkey the green light to continue “cultural genocide” against the country’s minorities.

Post Views: 5 In what has been described as a disastrous last minute move, the US signed a bilateral US-Turkey Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) granting Turkey legal rights over the religious and cultural heritage of all indigenous people and minorities.

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German-Turkey collaboration over Leopard tanks continues

Post Views: 10 New investigation report published in the German magazine Stern reveals Germany still selling tank parts to Turkey.

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Kongra Star calls for an end to the occupation of Afrin

Post Views: 4 Kongra Star issued a statement to mark the 3rd anniversary of the invasion of Afrin carried out by Turkey.

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Hunger strikes against isolation continue on day 55

Post Views: 1 The hunger strike launched on 27 November by prisoners to demand the end to the isolation imposed upon Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan and the violations in prisons continues on its 55th day.

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KNK calls for urgent action for Kurdish activists detained in Iran

Post Views: 8 Urgent political, diplomatic and legal action directed at the Iranian regime is needed to protect the lives of at least 11 Kurdish activists and students who have been detained by IRGC in Iran.

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