YPG on Kobane victory: We will continue to do everything to defend our people and our revolution

YPG on Kobane victory: We will continue to do everything to defend our people and our revolution

YPG vowed that they would keep up the struggle against all forms of attacks with determination and with the great spirit of resistance of Kobane and would continue to do “everything in our power to defend our people and our revolution.”

The General Command of the YPG released a statement on occasion of anniversary of liberation of Kobane from ISIS which marked the beginning of the end for the terror group in Syria.

The statement includes the following:

“Today is the anniversary of the victory against ISIS in Kobane. On January 26, 2015, our people and fighters of People’s Defense Units (YPG) and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) won a historical victory against the terror group. ISIS terror reign was at its peak and its activities caused an enormous horror and intimidation among the governments and peoples of the region. The massacres committed by ISIS in various places and the fear it sparked made several armies of the region flee from their positions, thus leaving cities and towns to the mercy of ISIS. ISIS launched attacks against Kurdish city of Kobane, which later became the beginning of its fall, in September 2014 when the group was enjoying full control over large swathes of areas of Syria and Iraq.

The resistance of Kobane had become a source of hope for the region and the whole world. Countless people from all over the world and especially from four parts of Kurdistan headed to Kobane to take place in the historical resistance. Our forces pioneered a great defensive battle against ISIS terrorism for months. In the months following the liberation of Kobane, several towns and cities occupied by ISIS were liberated one by one. In 2019, the fight against ISIS reached a new stage in Baghouz where the group’s territorial control was eradicated, and the self-proclaimed ‘state’ crumbled.

With sacrifice and efforts of our fighters, the people of Kurdistan and all the components of the region and with the contribution of international volunteers and our friends, the Battle of Kobane became the symbol of the struggle for freedom and left a legacy that lives on. Today, those who liberated Kobane from ISIS face all kinds of oppression, assimilation and attacks by those who unconditionally supported ISIS and share the same mindset with them. Those occupying Efrîn, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî are on the same page of the history with those who attempted to invade Kobane. Terror groups founded, armed and funded by Turkey want to revenge the defeat of ISIS in Kobane by attacking our forces and our people. The complicit silence of world powers in the face of these attacks is once again leaving people of the region to the mercy of mercenaries of Turkey, who are no less evil than ISIS. The history will not forget these attacks and who enabled them by remaining silent, just like it didn’t forget who fought hard and made the ultimate sacrifice to liberate their city from jihadists.

We the People’s Defense Units and Women’s Defense Units, as the fighters devoted to the protection of the values of progressive humanity, remember with respect and gratitude the great men and women who fell fighting in Kobane. We once again reiterate that we will keep up the struggle against all forms of attacks with determination and with the great spirit of resistance of Kobane, we will continue to do everything in our power to defend our people and our revolution.”

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Talkingpeace.Trentacinque corpi avvolti in coperte di lana, disposti uno accanto all’altro su un sentiero di montagna bianco di neve. Sono le ultime vittime della guerra della Turchia contro i kurdi. Una guerra dimenticata dall’occidente, troppo interessato a dipingere la Turchia come “modello”.

Mercoledì notte F-16 dell’aviazione turca e droni senza pilota (l’ultimo acquisto delle forze armate di Ankara) hanno bombardato i pressi di un villaggio chiamato Roboski (Ortasu in turco) al confine con l’Iraq. Raccontano i testimoni di aver sentito un odore acre di bruciato, di carne bruciata. Gli abitanti di Roboski sono accorsi subito sul luogo, nonostante la neve. Sicuri di quello che avrebbero trovato. Di fronte a loro i corpi mutilati di decine di giovani e uomini, animali sventrati. Racconta al telefono un giornalista kurdo dell’agenzia DIHA di aver sentito un urlo squarciare il silenzio tetro di quella visione: una mamma disperata in cerca dei suoi due figli. Morti entrambi in quel bombardamento. Quel giornalista è uno dei pochi scampati al carcere nell’ultima offensiva delle autorità turche che hanno, in 24 ore, arrestato 49 giornalisti kurdi e di sinistra. Scomodi testimoni della guerra sporca condotta contro i kurdi sia con le armi che con il carcere e la repressione. Scomodi testimoni anche di quest’ultimo massacro.

Le foto dei corpi avvolti nelle coperte delle vittime di Roboski stanno facendo – lentamente – il giro del mondo. E intanto si cominciano a conoscere le biografie di questi uomini che le forze armate turche hanno “scambiato per terroristi”.

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