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Urgent call for an international response to Turkish military invasion of South Kurdistan

Earlier this morning, between 3 AM and 6 AM local time, the Turkish Armed Forces initiated a large-scale cross-border military offensive in the region of Garê in South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). Turkish airstrikes targeted the villages of Guzê, Meyrokê, Siyanê, Çemşerîtkê, Yekmalê and Kanîsarkê, and soldiers were dropped into the region with Cobra and Sikorsky helicopters. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters have been fighting since dawn to repel the invading forces, and heavy clashes are ongoing.

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Ready for nuclear talks if US lift sanctions, said Rouhani

Post Views: 4 Iran President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran is still ready for nuclear talks if the United States lifts “unlawful” sanctions. Speaking on state television, Iran President Hassan Rouhani said: “If they are prepared to put aside

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US House approved resolution recognising Armenian Genocide

Post Views: 2 This resolution marks the first time that a house in US Congress has designated 1915 incidents as genocide. The US House of Representatives approved H.Res. 296 recognizing 1915 as Armenian Genocide by a vote of 405 to

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