In recent weeks things have changed dramatically in Turkey. The president of the Pkk, Abdullah Ocalan (since 1999 the only prisoner of high security prison in Imrali Island) has announced the launch of his own Yol Haritasi, a road map which will outline the steps needed for a peaceful and negotiated solution to the Kurdish question. On the other hand the Akp government led by RecepTayyip Erdogan, has  confirmed that it is preparing its own ‘Kurdish Initiative’. These announcements have been met with mix reactions from the other parties involved in a conflict which started 25 years ago, in its present form. A quarter of a century ago, in fact, on the 15 August 1984, the Pkk launched its first armed attack in Eruh. The decision to take up arms was not taken lightly by the leaders of the Pkk. In fact, as in many other liberation struggles, or struggles for rights, the armed struggle was the last resort. An answer to the brutuality and repression by the state’s forces – both public and hidden.
This has been the case in the North of Ireland and the Basque Country, to name just two of the conflicts closer to us because in the heart of Europe. And in this site we would take a close look to what is happening both in Ireland and the Basque Country and Spain. Because these two situation will help us to read in a better way also the developments in the Kurdish question.
So, this is not a daily news agency about Kurdish affairs: we will not have the strenght and numbers to do that. This is an attempt to read more in depth what is happening in the Kurdish regions in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. A series of analysis of different aspects of the Kurdish political, cultural, social and economical life. Of course we have chosen an angle, from which this analysis will be carried out, and that is openly stated. We have chosen to write about first hand information, material that we collect and on which we elaborate. And this material, our sources are mainly those who have no voice in the mainstream media. We will not offer ‘final definitions’ or ‘ultimate truths’. We will try to share with readers interpretation keys, often by giving voice directly to those whose voice is seldom heard.
What we write is well documented and is the result of a thorought research. We are journalists, working on the field for many years.
We would like this project to engage readers so we welcome any comment and suggestion, or criticism. At the same time we will ask readers to support this effort. Because to have an independent and free voice is a costly business. To be able to report from the field means to have the resources to do so, ie to travel, to spend time researching. This is why from December we will start asking for a small contribution, a ‘subscription’ of 50 Euro a year, which will allow us to keep doing our job in the best possible conditions. At the same time, writing for many of us is not simply a job, but it’s a political tool. Because we believe that information and knowledge, along with denouncing exploitation and rights violations and abuses,  are crucial to the building of a different and better world.
It is for this reason that 10% of the readers’ contribution will go to finance a project in Kurdistan. The kurdish students living in Mahmur refugee camp have asked us to support their project: they want to build a library in the camp. There are hundred of students in the camp, from primary school to university, but no library. So with the readers’ help we want to fill this library with books in English.
Background information about Mahmur refugee camp and about the project can be found here.

We think of this website has a small contribution to the huge, but necessary, challenge of building a process towards a long and lasting peace.
To the future subscribers we say that you would finance the Mahmur Library project, but you would also have access to the unpublished side of the website. You would receive a weekly newsletter by email, and during the year some interesting material on Kurdish culture, dvds, cds, literary material and other surprises we are preparing.

So welcome to Kurdistanews and we hope you will enjoy it and join us.

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