Nel dichiarare che l’attuale situazione di conflitto dovrebbe assolutamente cessare per assicurare un solido progresso verso una soluzione costituzionale, la presidenza del Consiglio Esecutivo della Confederazione Democratica del Kurdistan (KCK) ha dichiarato che gli sforzi unilaterali non sono sufficienti per portare all’inizio di un processo che porti ad una soluzione, almeno fino a quando esercito e polizia non pongano fine alle loro operazioni.

Si osserva come le valutazioni e le richieste del leader kurdo Ocalan “siano senza dubbio giuste e appropriate. Come movimento, abbiamo valutato attentamente questi appelli e abbiamo preso la decisione di fare la nostra parte e assumerci le nostre responsabilità in questo senso”.

Ocalan ha chiesto una estensione del cessate il fuoco e inoltre ha fatto appello al parlamento per essere convocato e messo nelle condizioni di fare pienamente la sua parte nella ricerca di una soluzione pacifica alla questione kurda.

Il comunicato del KCK evidenzia che “consideriamo dunque cruciale la necessità di un processo in cui non abbia posto il conflitto, per lo sviluppo di un processo che porti ad una soluzione”.

Le due condizioni illustrate dal KCK sono le seguenti: “All’inizio della nuova legislatura, il parlamento turco dovrebbe fare un appello al leader del popolo kurdo Abdullah Ocalan per fare la sua parte nel processo di soluzione democratica e costituzionale al problema più importante e strategico della Turchia, la questione kurda, e il parlamento dovrebbe creare le condizioni appropriate in tal senso”.

La seconda condizione è stata illustrata come segue: “Annunciare che la soluzione della questione kurda dovrebbe essere fondata sul dialogo e per vie pacifiche, non sulla distruzione e sulla eliminazione, e che le operazioni di polizia e le operazioni militari cessino; il Primo ministro o rappresentanti dell’autorità statale dovrebbero dare il via al processo in nome del Governo e della repubblica di Turchia”.

Il comunicato integrale del KCK in inglese:


The results of 12th June general election in Turkey provide a strong and progressive basis for the political-peaceful solution of the Kurdish question and the democratization of Turkey. The success of the Labour, Liberation and Democracy Bloc attained in spite of all the obstructions, around 50% of votes AKP received as well as the positive indications from the CHP during the election process, can serve as good starting points and the beginning of a new process in terms of democratic-constitutional solution of problems that Turkey is facing through the creation of a reconciliation and social consensus if utilized in the proper manner.
Therefore, many social forces that are aware of this reality are evaluating the necessity of creating a new civilian democratic constitution, which would maintain the democratic reconstruction of Turkey, by the new assembly, formed as a result of 12th June elections, by playing its role as a constituent assembly. It is necessary to bring an end to the existing conflict while creating a democratic situation for the equal participation of all parties to make a sound progress in the process of a constitutional solution.
Evaluating this social level and conditions, leader Abdullah Ocalan stated on 15th June through his lawyers that the process of democratic constitutional solution, which has just started, is based on a stronger condition and basis than ever. However, he saw that this requires the end of the process of conflict and called for relevant parties to create the conditions for a ceasefire. In the meantime, he has been called by Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) to play his role for which all the requirements are to be provided in order to make a reliable progress in the process of a democratic constitution.
No doubt that leader Abdullah Ocalan’s evaluations are accurate and demands are applicable. Closely scrutinizing these calls, the movement has decided to do its part. However, as is known by our people and the whole public opinion, our peaceful endeavours and unilateral ceasefires have not been sufficient to create permanent results. We have announced many unilateral ceasefires in the past. We have unilaterally carried out the 13 August 2010 ceasefire until 15 June 2011.
Our people and public opinion are fully aware of all these developments. However, our unilateral endeavours, the withdrawal of the guerrilla to their headquarters, as well as the endeavours and proposals for a solution offered by leader Abdullah Ocalan, despite the conditions of isolation, have not been sufficient for the development and success of the democratic solution process.  As the government and army have not demonstrated the necessary attitude, the processes of ceasefire situations and endeavours for peaceful solution contributed by various sections have not delivered us with any results. Unless Turkish society demonstrates their sensitivity, and if they do not stop the army and army operations while Turkish state continues with its usual policies, the unilateral endeavours of our movement will not be sufficient to develop the constitutional solution process.

For this reason, we believe that it is necessary to put the following two points into practice without delay for the formation of a ceasefire process and development of the process of democratic constitutional solution:

1- Starting the new process of legislation, the TBMM should create the necessary context and  call upon leader Abdullah Ocalan to play his role in the democratic constitutional solution process for the solution of the Kurdish question that is the most fundamental and strategic problem of Turkey.
2- The state of the Turkish Republic and the Prime Minister and a similarly authorized state official should declare and start the dialogue and peaceful methods to solve the Kurdish question instead of resorting to annihilation.

With such credible and open steps by the state and government that is about to take office the problem would definitely start to be resolved and peace and democratic solution would constitutionally develop. Otherwise, it will not be possible for our forces to continue with the unilateral ceasefire in a context where no concrete steps have been taken, no guarantees given and imminent annihilation policies continue. The development of a serious and permanent peace process is contingent on the position of a bilateral ceasefire. Although the current process proved to be productive, it would be unjust to expect us to make any further unilateral sacrifices while being subject to an annihilation process. Moreover, it is also impossible for the process of lack of clarity and solution to continue as well. The government and state will be responsible for the consequences of annihilation and diversionary tactics despite all our good faith, positive attitudes and policies on the Kurdish side. The people of Kurdistan who rely on their existing resources have the strength and will-power to develop their alternative solution at this decisive point in time. In this sense, proper evaluation of this process and insisting on a democratic solution are vital for the future of Turkey. It is obvious that the usual denial and annihilation policies implemented until today are redundant. Insistence on such policies and their continuity with different methods are meaningless.
The most important consequence of 12th June elections is the fact that the people of Kurdistan approve the peaceful democratic solution and democratic autonomy. All parties should respect and evaluate solution perspectives on this basis. The people of Kurdistan, who demonstrated such a unity and will-power for democratic autonomy for the first time in history, have attained an important level of solidarity with the Turkish left, socialist and democratic forces. Although it is not yet sufficient, Democratic Republic and Democratic Autonomy perspective of the Labour, Liberation and Democracy Bloc based on the idea of a Democratic Nation, has been approved by the people of Kurdistan with this election. This is a new, important and stimulating situation for Turkey.
It is very important for the state and democratic forces of society to accurately evaluate this reality in terms of the development of the solution process. The urgent developments in our region of the Middle East demand that Turkey become a democratic nation and democratic republic. The solution of the Kurdish question on this perspective will mean economic and political progress for Turkey. A Turkey that has maintained the unity, fraternity and social reconciliation within itself, supported by a democratic constitution with the participation of all sections of society would become stronger and succeed in becoming the centre of democracy in the region and developing many aspects. The united endeavours of the people of Kurdistan and the forces of democracy have created the conditions for this to take place.
We would like to state that if the state and government take the necessary steps and do their part for democratic constitutional solution and for development of a new historical process without conflict, we are prepared and willing to do whatever is necessary on our part for democracy and peace based on the expectations of our people. We call upon all our people and pro-democracy forces to raise their voices at this crucial point in time, and play their role to achieve peace and development of solution process.

The Executive Council of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK)

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