Agreement reached in Serêkaniyê


Agreement between YPG forces and armed groups in West Kurdistan
Clashes between People’s Defence Units (YPG) forces and armed groups in the West Kurdistan city of Serêkaniyê have ended up in an agreement mediated by West Kurdistan Movement for Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) and some other Kurdish and Arabic notables in the region.

Negotiations have been carried out between two delegations on behalf of both sides who are reported to have agreed on the region’s devolvement to a civilian council and management of works by a temporary committee till that time.

According to the agreement, all armed forces will leave the city and a civilian council will be formed to manage the city, its border gates and officials.

Following the clashes in the city from 19 to 24 November, the armed groups, having suffered a great loss, demanded negotiatons which therewith started but ended as the groups once again carried out an attack on YPG forces on 11 December.

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