BDP questioned PM on Paris killings


ANF, Ankara 07.02.2013

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Group deputy chairman ?dris Baluken tabled a parliamentary question on Wednesday in relation to the execution of three Kurdish politicians in the French capital on 9 January.
Sakine Cans?z, a co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Fidan Do?an, representative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in Paris and Leyla ?aylemez, member of the Kurdish youth movement, were found shot dead in the Kurdistan Information Office on 10 January.
Baluken said the execution of Cans?z, Do?an and ?aylemez were an attack aimed at sabotaging the recently launched talks with the jailed leader of Kurdish people, Abdullah Öcalan, in ?mral? prison.
Reminding of the detention of two suspects following the killings, Baluken said that; “One of the suspects, Ömer Güney, was remanded in custody. The arrest of Güney has risen doubts as to the powers which might have been behind the murders”.
Referring to the statements of Murat ?ahin, a former member of MIT (National Intelligence Organization of Turkey), who claimed Ömer Güney was also a member of MIT, Baluken directed the following questions to the Prime Minister;
1 –  Is there any CCTV recording of the area where the murders took place? Did the French authorities shared these recordings with you?
2 – How many times has the suspect, Ömer Güney, visited Turkey in the past two years? Which addresses has he visited during his stay in Turkey?
3 –  Is there any information available as to whom Güney visited and where he stayed when he visited Ankara for ten days in August 2012? If there is any, what do we know about it?
4 –  What is the reason for Ömer Güney moving from Turkey to France? On what grounds was he granted permission to reside in France?
5 –  Is the killing of Sakine Cans?z, a co-founder of PKK, related with the statements  by military and civil bureaucrats and politicians who said one year ago that they would be targeting the leading staff of the PKK?
6- In which year did Turkey start to take part in the so-called NATO Gladio structure which has been set up in all NATO countries? What is the current state of this structure? Did this structure took part in killings carried out in Turkey? If yes, in how many ?
7- Did Murat ?ahin, who spoke to the press in this sense on 31 January 2013, work for the MIT? If he did, what is his position in the mentioned organization?
8 –  Was Murat ?ahin arrested following the so-called “Revolutionary Headquarters” operation, and how many days did he remained in custody? What are the reasons for his arrest and release?
9 –  Was Murat ?ahin assigned to the Swiss city of Zurich after his release from the Revolutionary Headquarters operation [by MIT]? If he did, what was the task assigned to him?
10 –  Did someone called “Mutlu” work for the Turkish Embassy in Switzerland? What is the work carried out by this person?
11 – Is the “Aunt” [the code name used by a woman Murat ?ahin was his superior at MIT] an official of MIT? What is her work and role?
12 –  What is the relationship between Ömer Güney, known by fellow MIT officers as “the Paris Heval” [The Paris Friend], and the MIT official code-named “Aunt”? How many times and where did these two people meet in the last two years?

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