No peace without justice, say Roboski families

Roboski families staged a march to the graveyard of  victims on Thursday to protest against the Uludere Report approved by the Human Rights Commission of the Turkish parliament on Wednesday.

The march to the graveyard was followed by a press conference where families pointed out that “there will be no peace on these lands”.

Families said that peace and a together-living could only brought into question only when the state faced the massacres that people on these lands have suffered so far, brings their perpetrators to trial and apologizes people for the mass killings. They underlined that “there will be no peace unless perpetrators are disclosed and tried”.

“Peace will come as a result of the struggle we are giving for justice and the trial of perpetrators”, they said and called on all those siding with peace against war to display a stronger solidarity with their seek for justice and to protest against the report.

The report on the massacre is null and void in the eyes of Roboski families, they underlined and remarked that the report indicated the state’s intention to continue killing people. This report serves for not the burial of arms but for war, denial and assimilation, they added.

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