Women politicians in prison send messages to mark 25 November

Women politicians in prison send messages to mark 25 November


Women prisoners in Kocaeli Kandıra F-Type High Security Prison shared their messages of solidarity to mark 25 November, International Day of Struggle against Violence Against Women.

Some of the women prisoners in Kocaeli Kandıra F-Type High Security Prison shared their messages of solidarity to mark 25 November, International Day of Struggle against Violence Against Women.

The messages of the women prisoners are as follows:

Figen Yüksekdağ

“With hope, resistance and solidarity, good morning! I salute women who join hands to transform women, life and freedom, against the order of violence, death and cruelty imposed on us. The women’s resistance that liberates the streets will open new paths for us this 25 November. We will discover new forms of solidarity and struggle against all forms of violence. The awakening consciousness and liberating movement of women in prison, outside, on the streets, in the schools, in the factories, everywhere will write a new history. Together we will win. I send you all my most sincere love.”

 Sebahat Tuncel

“Another 25 November, women are growing solidarity. We reject the male-dominated capitalist order imposed on us, we organize for our future. We advocate a healthy life in equal, free, democratic peace and nature. We call it true justice versus male state justice. We call it “Em xwe diparêzen” against all kinds of discrimination, harassment, rape, massacres, occupation and isolation against women. We are increasing the resistance and struggle in order to protect the gains we have achieved with so many efforts, especially the Istanbul Convention. We are marching against fascism in solidarity with our organized strength that grows with our laughter and our dances. We, from inside, you outside…”

Gültan Kışanak

“We women have struggled against male dominated oppression and violence in all areas of life, both ins prison and outside. Women are free, without violence, and we know that the future will only be built through the organized struggle of women. Women are determined to stop murders of women, all forms of violence and discrimination against women. I salute all women with love and with my wish to increase women’s solidarity and struggle.

Edibe Şahin

“From the moment we were born as women, the male-dominated system has found it not enough to draw borders for us, thus it started building walls. We, as women, know from our lives that both borders and walls are for erosion. As long as the hearts be one; let our hands meet. The power to stop all kinds of violence will be through our organized stance. I hug you with determination and hope.”

Çağlar Demirel

“As a woman, I have spent my whole life fighting violence against women. One of the reasons we are here today is because we are defending the rights of women and opposing all forms of state and male violence against women. Dozens of women are subjected to violence and massacres of women every day. It is the unity and common struggle of women that will stop the slaughter and violence against women. The most affected by the policies carried out by the AKP-MHP government are women. The current government fears women and the women’s struggle. Because women oppose all kinds of oppression and violence with their honourable resistance and do not accept the policies of the government. Even though we are detained here as political hostages, our women’s struggle and resistance continues and will always continue. It is women who will overcome all difficulties. We are hopeful and brave and we will definitely win. I send my greetings, love and respect to all women.”

Gülser Yıldırım

“First of all, I want to start by denying the phrase ‘violence against women’ in its essence. I see violence against women as violence against the beauty, truth and essence of life. Violence against women is against everyone and everything is beautiful. We should consider violence against women as violence against the whole society in its essence, because all the problems and troubles experienced in the society find their source in this mentality. Fighting against this mentality is primarily down to us, women and individuals who support freedom, democracy and equality, In the person of women I wish a world where no one is subjected to violence. Greetings, with love…”

Aysel Tuğluk

“One of the reasons why we are sent to prisons is that we stand against violence against women. I believe that we will stop all attacks against us with women’s solidarity. We will continue our struggle inside.”

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