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Resistance in Sur: Workers find body during excavation work

A body believed to belong to a person killed by the Turkish state during the autonomous-government resistance in 2015 was found in the borough of Sur, in Amed.

Speaking to Welat Newspaper on condition of anonymity an employee of a company working in Sur said that they found a “body wrapped in a white cloth” during the excavations carried out on 5 February in the area between the Catholic Church and Hasırlı Mosque.

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History destroyed in Sur: Concrete houses are sold for 1 million TL

Six neighbourhoods of the borough of Sur in Diyarbakır (Amed) have been banned for 5 years. Six neighbourhoods surrounded by concrete blocks first and then by 3 meters long iron sheets have been banned for 1,826 days.

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Kurdish writer Roza Metina detained in Amed 0

Jinnews Kurdish service editor and writer Roza Metina was taken into custody on Friday morning during a raid on her home

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SUR: The Turkish state’s systematic destruction and commercialization of a World Heritage Site

The following report describes the developments in Sur from 2015 until January 2019. It was presented in February 2019 at the “International NGO forum on World Heritage”

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“Displaced and Dispossessed”. Turkey Condemned for Forced Exodus of Kurds from Diyarbakir

Tuesday, 6th December 2016, Amnesty International release their report “DISPLACED AND DISPOSSESSED: SUR RESIDENTS’ RIGHT TO RETURN HOME”.

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Sur (Diyarbakir) under attack

The photos we are presenting were taken in Sur (a district of Kurdistan “capital”, Amed-Diyarbakir). Here curfew was imposed 6 times since the summer. Ten people died in the area since July, 5 of them during the curfew

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