Ocalan chiede al PKK di prolungare cessate il fuoco

Ocalan called the new Turkish Parliament to immidiately start to work for creation of a new constitution and a solution to the Kurdish Question. He said if the Turkish Parliament will take steps he will lead the Kurdish guerillas to withraw out of Turkish borders. Ocalan insisted that the Turkish government and parliament should give him a hand to open his way to end the 30 year old war.

Ocalan repeated his demand for establishing a direct link with the guerilla commanders saying that this step is necessary for him to convince the Kurdish leaders for a peaceful solution.

Ocalan also gave information about his recent meeting with the Turkish delegation right after the elections. He said the meeting was focused on the constitutional reform and solution of Kurdish Question.

He called the Peace and Democracy Party for actively participating in reform process. Ocalan said the BDP should work closely with other political parties and should create a draft constitution.

Ocalan also said that Kurds also should be ready for a possible armed conflict with the Turkish state. On the other hand he emphasized the importance of seizing the chance of a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question.

Ocalan called Kurdish guerillas to avoid any clashes with the Turkish army. He said guerillas will only defend themselves if attacked.

He also criticized the use of Molotov coctails during demonstrations saying that Kurdish youth should be careful to avoid any harm to civilians and their property.

Speaking about the general elections Ocalan said the outcome showed the importance of a unified opposition which he has been defending for years. He called the democrats and socialist to form an umbrella organization which will include BDP, socialists and democrats.

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