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The State was preparing the end of the soldiers in PKK captivity

Some of the soldiers and policemen killed in the Turkish airstrike on Gare warned back in 2018 that the Turkish state was disregarding their lives and putting them in danger.

The Turkish army bombed a detention center in Gare that held soldiers, police officers and MIT agents captured by the guerrillas, killing thirteen of the inmates.

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Asrın Law Office issues statement on Imralı meeting

Post Views: 35 The Asrin Law Office, which has represented Abdullah Öcalan since his arrest 21 years ago, has released a statement on the family visit to Imralı Island where Kurdish leader Abdullah is held together with Ömer Hayri Konar,

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Family members of YPJ fighter Çiçek Kobanê expelled from Turkey

Post Views: 18 Three members of the family of YPJ fighter Çiçek Kobanê (Dozgin Temo), who was wounded and imprisoned last October in the course of the Turkish invasion in the self-governing areas of northern Syria and has been held

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Turkish army and mercenaries attacked villages of Serêkaniyê

Post Views: 7 The Turkish state and its mercenaries attacked many villages of Serêkaniyê on Friday and met with the resistance of the SDF fighters who responded within the scope of self-defense. The invaders were dealt a heavy blow in the

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