Nel giorno dell’annuncio di una nuova tregua unilaterale fino alle elezioni del 2011, il PKK ha anche sottolineato di non aver nulla a che fare con l’attacco di domenica 31 ottobre a Istanbul. Domenica mattina verso le 10.30 una bomba (probabilmente portata dall’attentatore, rimasto ucciso) è esplosa nel cuore di Istanbul, la piazza Taksim. La bomba è probabilmente esplosa prima del previsto, uccidendo l’attentatore e ferendo 32 persone,  17 civili e 15 poliziotti. A Taksim infatti c’è la guardia d’onore della polizia al monumento al fondatore della patria, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
Nessuno ha rivendicato l’attentato, e lo stesso governo è stato molto cauto nelle sue dichiarazioni e ha evitato di attribuire responsabilità dell’attentato a questo o quel gruppo. Del resto il cessate il fuoco del PKK terminava proprio ieri, ed era oggettivamente poco verosimile che i guerriglieri kurdi avessero programmato un attentato quando ancora nei fatti la tregua non era finita.


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Belfast Mayor: Everybody must contribute to a peace with justice

Donostia. Sinn Fein mayor of Belfast, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, opened on Thursday the international conference “Building Peace Starting at Local Level” organised in Donostia/San Sebastian (Basque Country) by the Donostia city council.

How municipalities can turn peace and reconciliation work into something genuinely lasting?

We must build peace with justice, and that’s a job for everyone. Sometimes big governments talk of peace, but they actually work very little for it. So you have to work for peace with the people, the communities, cities, nations. In Belfast I believe we are all connected .

You said at the opening of the Donostia’s conference that your Belfast has changed a lot after the Good Friday agreement of 1998. How?

Fifteen years have passed. The first time I walked in the Belfast City Council as a councillor it was in 1987, and back then peace was a project. The big change since the 1994 IRA permanent ceasefire is that now in our city there is no more war. The end of the years of conflict has brought many benefits and some of them are related to the 1998 peace agreement. Now we have a government that is just and in which all parties are represented. Peace itself is rewarding, but sometimes it presents many challenges. It has brought improvements in labor, industry, tourism … this is a great reward for those who support the peace process, but I think there is work which still needs to be done and to be consolidated.

The clash between two communities was much harder in Ireland than in the Basque Country, for example. How do you transform all that negative energy into a positive one?

Although the intensity of the conflict was greater, the Basque Country’s conflict is also a great shadow for Europe. There have been many years of political conflict here, many people lost their lives. I think we should be positive all the time and always see the glass half full if we want peace to win. But peace requires progress, and I know the great difficulties there are in Euskal Herria. However, those who believe in peace achieved democratically, rather than violence, will be rewarded. In Belfast we follow that path to political change and get more benefits for our people. Time will help peace prosper, and even if a political segment is against peace, I think we will find more and more people interested in this cause.


The report, compiled by the 4 HDP members who visited Cizre for 10 days after the blockade was lifted, collects the narrative from witnesses and attempts to document the list of atrocities perpetrated during the siege

Resistance in Sur: Workers find body during excavation work

A body believed to belong to a person killed by the Turkish state during the autonomous-government resistance in 2015 was found in the borough of Sur, in Amed.

Speaking to Welat Newspaper on condition of anonymity an employee of a company working in Sur said that they found a “body wrapped in a white cloth” during the excavations carried out on 5 February in the area between the Catholic Church and Hasırlı Mosque.

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