Kobanê Honours Pirsus Martyrs with Park

Kobanê Honours Pirsus Martyrs with Park

The Peoples’ Unity and Solidarity Bureau (SYPG) and Kobanê Martyrs’ Families Association have opened a park dedicated to the memory of Pirsus martyrs.

SYPG and the Martyrs’ Families Association held a memorial ceremony in the neighbourhood of Peyman to remember the 33 revolutionaries on the second anniversary of the Pirsus (Suruç in Turkish) Massacre.
“We defended it together, we will rebuild together, their dreams will come true” was the slogan chosen for the memorial.
Ismet Şex Hesen, Defense Council Chairperson of Kobanê Canton, assisted to the memorial service along with thousands of other people including representatives from political parties.
Photographs of Pirsus martyrs were displayed throughout the ceremony. Following a minute’s silence, the park was opened by the Martyrs Families Assembly, SYPG and the children of Kobanê.
Photographs of the 33 martyrs were put up in the park later on.

Arif Bali spoke on behalf of the Martyrs’ Families Assembly. He underlined the great sacrifice made by the Pirsus martyrs who were bringing toys to Kobanê’s children and added that they were targeted as they were carrying out their humanitarian duty.
Arif Bali said the Pirsus martyrs live on in the hearts of Kobanê’s children: “They were killed for helping the children of Kobanê”
Beritan Asya from SYPG stressed the responsibility of the Turkish State and said that they actually have allowed gangs to attack the revolutionaries in Pirsus, two years ago when the massacre was carried out. Asya added that the authors of this massacre attempted to break the will of he people of Kobanê.
Asya remembered Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan’s words when he said: “Kobanê is about to fall,” and said that the children of Kobanê have written an epic with their own blood, standing against ISIS gangs and liberating their city. Asya closed her speech by saying that the park in Kobanê was opened for children to make the dreams Pirsus martyrs died for a reality.
After the speeches a film about the Pirsus massacre was shown. After the screening the people went to Kaniya Kurdan to light 33 candles in memory of the 33 martyrs.

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