Five SDF fighters laid to rest in Kobanê

Five SDF fighters laid to rest in Kobanê

Five Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters who fell martyr during the invasion attacks against Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê were buried in Kobanê.

The five were Silêman Nebo (Siyamend Reqa), Ridwan Bozî (Zinar Kobanê), Osman Ehmed (Qehreman Partîzan), Rocîn Ehmed (Nocan Harûn) and Badî Qadir (Demhat Kadoz).

Thousands of people attended the ceremony held at the Martyr Dicle Martyrs graveyard. The ceremony also paid tribute to SDF fighter Delîl Ismaîl (Qendîl Girik) and YPJ Commander Sûad Cuma (Zîn Amara).

Speaking at the ceremony, Kobanê Defense Committee co-chair, Ismet Şêx Hesen, stressed that no attack can break the will of the peoples.

Democratic Union Party (PYD) executive, Şêrîn Osman, said that the people will follow the path of resistance drawn by the martyrs against all the conspiracy and occupation attacks.

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