Turkish-ISIS Belt replaces Arab Belt

Turkish-ISIS Belt replaces Arab Belt


“The demographics of Syria’s most stable and secure lands is being changed by the joint plan of the UN (United Nations), USA, Russia and the European Union (EU), writes Ferda Çetin.

“The demographics of Syria’s most stable and secure lands is being changed by the joint plan of the UN (United Nations), USA, Russia and the European Union (EU). The ‘Arab Belt’, formerly built by the Baath Regime, has now transformed into a ‘Turkish-ISIS Belt’ by the international arsonist network,” Ferda Çetin writes for Yeni Özgür Politika.

Ferda Çetin’s article is as follows:

A dirty game is becoming clear. A game insidiously unfolding in front of everyone’s eyes step by step …

The actors are “respected”, so its illusions are more than expected. In Rojava, the Kurds and the peoples are expelled from the land they have lived in for hundreds of years. This land has been taken from the owners turned over to the Turkey and ISIS.

The US House of Representatives, former Foreign Affairs Commission President Eliot Engel, described former US President Donald Trump as “an arsonist pretending to be a fireman.”

There are so many arsonists …

The demographics of Syria’s most stable and secure lands is being changed by the joint plan of the UN (United Nations), USA, Russia and the European Union (EU). The “Arab Belt”, formerly built by the Baath Regime, is now transformed into a “Turkish-ISIS Belt” by the international arsonist network.

On the Syria-Turkey border, 50 thousand homes made in Mashhad was an important part of this plan. The first goal of this puzzle is to build housing for 1 million refugees in the “Safety Zone”. If not prevented, these cities will be expanded along the border.

The “Turkish/ISIS Belt” created in northern Syria and Rojava is not accomplished; it is being established step by step, the peoples of the region and the world public are being accustomed to it.

Let’s remember:

On January 18, 2018 Russia has opened its airspace to the Turkish aircraft, bringing troops to the border in Syria. Two days later, the Syrian National Army (SNA), which was formed by the Turkish military and its affiliated armed groups, occupied the lands of Afrin.

On October 7, 2019, the US administration announced of withdrawal of its military forces in Syria. On October 9, 2019, the land and airspace east of the Euphrates was opened to the Turkish state. Turkey, along with the ISIS gangs Serêkaniyê entered and occupied Gire Spî. Turkish President Erdoğan announced at the 74th General Assembly of the UN that the Syrian border will be turned into a “Safe Zone”. Although it is a violation of the state sovereignty , there were no objections from either the UN Secretary-General or the UN members.

On the contrary, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres declared his supports the invasion by saying, “The UN will examine the safe zone plans that the Turkish state will establish in northern Syria,” after his meeting with Erdogan in Istanbul on October 31, 2019.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel not only provided all kinds of political and economic support to the Turkish state, but also convinced the European Union countries for this plan. Merkel were also convinced EU members who want to cut financial aid, to pay additional aids for Turkey. Three days ago Merkel went a step further and lifted sanctions on Turkey.

In Rojava, the “Turkish/ISIS Belt” was conducted openly. In fact, “everyone knew the captain is lying and saw the loaded dice.”

I hadwritten in this column on November 8, 2019;

“The Kurds and the peoples of northern Syria will be expelled from Serekaniyeê and Girî Spî and exiled to the Syrian deserts; ISIS gangs of rapists, pillagers and thieves will be placed in their lands. The sensitivity of Turkey trying to cover with a lie related to its sensitivity about border security and terror affair. This plan has no secrets.’’

They want to end their self-sufficient economies and productions and made them dependent.

If this plan is implemented, Erdogan will build refugee buildings and cities with TOKI in the lands abandoned by the Kurds. ISIS gangs will live in their new places “in peace and joy”.

Thus, refugee influx to Europe, Russia and the Caucasus will be prevented. It is the plan and common benefits of those who openly and secretly support the Turkish/ISIS occupation.

The Syrian Observatory in Britain previously announced that 50 thousand ISIS gangs were actively fighting in Iraq and Syria. All the fighters died? Did they all evaporate or become invisible? Of course not.

They continue to fight on behalf of Turkey in Idlib, Karabakh and Libya. UN, US, Russia, Germany and the EU know very well that they are under the control of Turkey and knows very well that this is a crime under the international law.

After the Libyan war, they found a “new” tactic not to face the truth: military forces under control of Turkey.

A benefit is expected from this vulgarity: These gangs including al Qaeda, Al Nusra or ISIS gangs, are terrorists by world opinion and will have to be captured, tried and subjected to a sanction. The Turkish state, which is their main supporter, will inevitably become the subject of international judgment.

By invention of the term “Turkey’s military forces in control,” they assume that murder, theft, plunder and rape had not happened; whereby the ISIS and Turkey will be acquitted. In this regard, using the term “military forces in Turkey’s control” is creating a perception at the same time. What brings these forces which have deep and irreconcilable contradictions together in Syria? What can be done against this great siege and great hostility?

But this is another story…

Source: ANF https://anfenglish.com/features/x-49640

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