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The State of Impunity in the World 2021

promoted by Fight Impunity-Association Against Impunity and for Transitional Justice

edited by Associazione Società INformazione Onlus

 The Report on Global Rights is an annual publication with a focus on the processes related to globalisation and its impacts, from various economic, social, geopolitical and environmental perspectives.

Produced by the Associazione Società INformazione Onlus, it has reached its 19th edition, and since 2020 has also been published in an international English edition. The Report focuses on human rights and the fight against impunity, in collaboration with Fight Impunity – Association Against Impunity and for Transitional Justice, which promotes the volume.

The Report has proved to be a fundamental information and training tool for those working in schools, the media, politics, public administration, the field of work and training, social professions and NGOs.

As has become evident in many countries, and as the Report documents, in 2021 the Covid-19 pandemic coincided with an increase in violations of fundamental rights. Under the pretext of sanitary measures, exceptional measures were also introduced, curtailing freedoms and worsening social and economic conditions for millions of citizens in many parts of the world, while the vulnerability of the democratic system and of the rule of law became more evident.

In addition to the human rights violations documented by an Observatory on Impunities, the Report analyses and denounces crimes that violate and compromise other equally fundamental rights, that affect communities and not only individuals, such as environmental, economic and social rights. Too often no one is held accountable for these systemic crimes, crimes perpetrated as a result of precise political, economic and governmental choices.

A study of recent data and events reveals the need for a radical and urgent change of course.

Preface by: Pier Antonio Panzeri

Introduction by: Sergio Segio

Contributions by: Maria Arena, José Miguel Arrugaeta, Alessandra Ballerini, Monika Borgmann-Slim, Susanna Camusso, Orsola Casagrande, Roberto Ciccarelli, Massimo Congiu, Giovanna Cracco, Kylee Di Gregorio, Simona Fraudatario, Simone Pieranni, Susanna Ronconi, Onorio Rosati, Donatella Rostagno, Isabel Santos, Sergio Segio, Marc Tarabella, Gianni Tognoni, Cecilia Wikstrom, Alberto Zoratti

The international edition, in English, is published by Milieu, in print and in ebooks and can be purchased here






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